FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Q : Is this real traffic or not?

A : We refuse to use robots to generate traffic. These are real visitors who will directly access your web site, through partner sites or via our own websites. We base ourselves on what you have chosen after validating your traffic pack. Visitors come from the target country and they are interested in the category of your website.

Q : I cannot find the category of my site among the proposed categories, what is the solution?

A : In case you don't find the appropriate category for your website, try to search for a close thematic otherwise you can select the "Other" category. Don't worry, we check the category of each website to make sure it's the right one.

Q : In how long will my site receive all the traffic ordered?

A : As soon as you confirm your order, traffic will be generated after 24 hours. Normally, you will receive all visitors ordered within the time limit that corresponds to your traffic pack (between a week and a month).

Q : What type of traffic does my website receive?

A : Most of our visitors come from our advertising network and from our websites. We generate our web traffic by displaying your chosen website to visitors surfing on our multimedia network using pop-under display or native ads.

Q : Can you control the conversion rate?

A : The answer is no! The conversion rate is out of our control. We send you traffic but we are not responsible for the bounce rate, which depends on your products, your services and the quality of your content. It is recommended to make the right choice of category for your site, as well as the target country to guarantee targeted visitors.

Q :How can I analyze the traffic I ordered?

A : After confirming your order, you will receive a special link in your mailbox which will allow you to analyze statistics related to your site such as the origin of visitors, the number of visits and other information.

Q :Is it normal that the referring website is the same for all visitors?

A : To protect our advertising network and our partner websites we choose to show Only the referring website of our platform.